Can’t get enough of Okemos coding club?

Below are some links and reviews of the equipment we use at the Okemos Coding Club.

Buying a kindle fire 7 is the most economical way to control all of your devices. Right now, they are only $29.99 during Amazon’s Cyber Monday week. You can always add a SD card to expand the memory.

Kano is basically a raspberry pi kit that has everything that you will need in it to make your own computer. The 2017 version is on sale right now for $100 if you attach it to your TV or other monitor. Your kids will be able to make their own computer without your help. It is super fun. The newer version includes a touchscreen and is just under $300. You can also download the Kano App for your Mac book pro and access the coding challenges and program the Pixel Kit and motion sensor accessories.


All the Sphero products are super fun and can be used to code to task the robot to do things or just drive it around to play with your cat or little sibling. The larger Sphero spheres are water proof but you will want to get a ruby cover for them to protect them on harder terrain. The BB-8 model is waterproof but a little less rugged, and it is easy to lose his head, lol, but he costs less. The Ollie are super great and very durable, but are not water proof. The sphero minis are not waterproof, you need to take the shell off to charge, and their offer less accessories, but they cost much less and still hold all the coding power. Keep an eye on Amazon because they will all be going on sale, and the minis can be as low as $35 on prime day and cyber Monday.

Dash and Dot and the Cue are similar to Sphero and offer cool games to allow your kids to go through block coding step by step. They are very durable and they have easy to interact with each other (i.e., play hide and seek, have conversations, etc.) Some of the older kids feel like the design of Dash and Dot seem like they are robots for the pre-schoolers. They are not. The Cue has a more sleek design to help with that perception.

Osmo Genious Kit for iPad on sale now!

Osmo is a great system to have if you have an iPad and now, Kindle Fire. They usually have some great deals for Black Friday and Prime day.


Osmo Genious Kit for Kindle on sale now!

Osmo is now available Kindle fire! This is a great to have for kids and includes the base. The other activities offered can be added to this pack since you will already have the base.


Osmo Accessories and add ons

Keep an eye out for these items around black Friday and on Prime Day.